Kantar Media CIC releases Social Media Landscape Whitepaper 2018

ByteDance (social media platform), AI users and the “Brand Experience Circle” are covered for the first time.

SHANGHAI, Aug. 22, 2018—Kantar Media CIC has today released its annual China Social Media Landscape Whitepaper 2018 in English, which provides the most up-to-date insights on the evolution of social media in China. The whitepaper analyzes three key elements: media platforms, users and brands.

Since 2008, Kantar Media CIC has been documenting the fast changing social media environment in China and the 2018 edition presents several new topics, shares new Kantar Media CIC viewpoints, and puts forward new perspective for brands to consider when developing marketing strategies.


The division for social media landscape is based on

the main business/functions of each platform.



China Social Media

Landscape Whitepaper(pdf)

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